You already know how to be a brilliant practitioner. You’ve already helped so many people. The problem is staying engaged and focused, not just on your daily practice, but on the bigger picture. Who do you want to become and how can you get to go  there?

That’s where I come in. I’ve been practicing, teaching and mentoring since 1987 but much of my early career felt like a blur of commitments, never able to say no to an opportunity and frequently distracted in my practice. Until I learned the simple routines I coach today, I always felt I was muddling through, doing good work but somehow too busy to experience the focus, fulfilment and freedom I wanted.

If you’ll allow me, I’ll help you clarify your goals, clear your mind from distractions and think differently about your practice, helping you become focused and effective – faster than you thought possible.

My approach is client-centred, in the belief that with attention and guidance, you can be guided to find your own answers. I use a variety of counselling,  coaching and reflective skills, including habit coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). My coaching can be broken down into three main services:

  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Focused coaching
  • Book coaching
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Over the years, I’ve guided many people to more reflective, more fulfilling and more rewarding practice.  To learn more about the kinds of coaching I offer, please read below.  If you’d like to have a simple chat about your needs, you can book  a thirty-minute chat. This thirty-minute chat is free..


  • How present are you in your own practice?
  • Where are you going with it?
  • How can it fulfill you more?

A mentor acts as an advisor, counsellor, or guide to a peer or junior practitioner, guiding you and helping you reflect on issues that affect the way you work, helping you navigate your professional life and long-term goals. The range of issues explored can be broad, relating not only to your practice but areas of emotional and personal development as well.

As a mentor, I’ll draw on my own  life journey and experience to guide you. A mentoring relationship should be a kind relationship. It can be long-term, with meetings scheduled fortnightly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.  


  • A mentor answers  great questions. A coach asks them! 
Effective practitioners don’t stand still. They set themselves goals, aiming to achieve particular outcomes. Focused coaching can guide you to achieve those goals, walking you towards specific objectives, like acquiring or applying a new skill, keeping you focused and accountable.
 A coach doesn’t need to be expert in your field to keep you accountabe and help you to achieve your best. However,  this service also includes one-to-one tuition and distance learning in my areas of competence, such as Manaka-style acupuncture, Meridian Therapy, Hirata Zone Therapy, Japanese moxibustion and of course, Ontake. 

With software such as Zoom, it is possible for me to be at your side during clinical practice, guiding you through the processes you want to learn or fine-tune. This is an extremely useful (and exciting!) way to practise.
Focused coaching tends to be regular, such as weekly and short-term, over a specific number of weeks or months. The relationship tends to be relatively short-term with a specific outcome in mind, and meetings are scheduled regularly.
When I was introduced to bamboo moxa in Japan in 2019, I immediately knew that I wanted to offer it to my patients and I knew I needed proper training in this method.

A few months later Qiological offered Moxa in Motion, an online virtual workshop which I call “the best gift of the pandemic”. I never thought that practical skills could be learned remotely, but Oran, who designed the class proved that we can. His demonstrations and step-by-step instructions along with the pre-recorded videos made practicing easy.

After doing Ontake treatments on every patient for a year I had a lot of questions and wished to myself that I could have one to one coaching. The next day an email from Oran arrived, offering individual coaching and mentoring! On the “Get-to-Know-You” Zoom meeting we defined my goals, format and time for coaching sessions. I booked eight fortnightly sessions. Being gently guided by Oran through Zoom, who observed me performing Ontake on my colleague or patient was a great experience. My Ontake techniques improved and I became more comfortable and relaxed working with the metronome. We worked on my skills for assessing the energy along the channels and Oran guided me how to use my findings to design the Ontake treatment . I started to “think" Ontake in the same way as I think " Five Elements“, channels or any other theoretical and clinical approaches to acupuncture treatment. The coaching sessions were the catalyst for my progress in Ontake skills and understanding the method.

It is easy to be a beginner with Oran, whose coaching style is wise, light and profoundly respectful. He always sees where I am in that moment of my learning and takes me one step further. Oran supervised and guided me through the Ontake treatment of a patient with a very serious movement disorder - and it was a revelation. My goals were skills, deeper understanding of the Ontake method and simplicity in application. And I could say confidently I am very happy with my Ontake journey.

I will continue the coaching with Oran as I have started to explore Hirata Zone Therapy - and that is my new Ontake chapter.

Thank you Oran

Tatyana Maltseva, M.Ac. Licensed acupuncturist Former core faculty and division chair Tai Sophia Institute ( Maryland) MD, Neurologist ( Ukraine)
Tatyana Maltseva M.Ac.,
Licensed acupuncturist, MD, neurolgist
Oran’s coaching program offers an individualized approach tailored to meet your needs. I participated in eight sessions with Oran with an emphasis on Manaka Style Acupuncture. He presented the material in a straightforward manner enabling immediate application in the clinic. Each week, he aimed to help me problem-solve my clinic scenarios as I applied the next layer of material within the Manaka system. He always strived to keep me engaged with his seasoned teaching style and ability to simplify what typically is complicated material in the world of East Asian Medicine.
Joe Montalto
Acupuncture physician, physiotherapist