Individualising treatments in a group setting

The first holographic system I ever worked with was auricular therapy: I studied it in China and also learned the NADA protocol with John Tindall in the UK. From 1994 to 2004, I worked part-time in two London projects, one focusing on substance abusers and the other on alcoholics and problem drinkers. In China, I had also been introduced to the ECIWO hand acupuncture system. As I began my journey into Japanese acupuncture, I was inspired by the way Dr Manaka integrated Korean hand acupuncture with body and ear acupuncture: what he called his isophasal treatments. Over time, I gradually developed a model for group treatment that integrated the ECIWO model of hand acupuncture with the NADA protocol and various concepts from Japanese acupuncture. Here’s a paper I published for the European Journal of Oriental Medicine back in 2006.

It’s interesting to see correlations between the 12 points of the ECIWO model and the 12 zones developed by Hirata, many years before. Hirata was a pioneer of holographic concepts, long before Nogier and many more years before Zhang!

Many thanks to my oldest mate, Johnny Linehan, who had just got into drawing at the time I needed an illustrator. You did a great job!


If you find this article interesting, you can read more about holographic systems in my books.

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