Holographic Moxibustion: Applying Ontake Warm Bamboo to the Hirata Zones

These last few weeks, I’ve been teaching Hirata Zone Therapy in Europe. It crossed my mind, several times, that HZT is not particularly easy to say. And it also occurred to me that the name, Hirata Zone Therapy doesn’t allude to Ontake. So how about Hirata Ontake Therapy instead? It’s accurate and it makes a wonderful acronym: HOT!

Anyway, whatever we call the therapy, here is an article I recently wrote for EJOM which summarises Hirata’s approach and how we can adapt it for use with Ontake.

This article was first published in the European Journal of Oriental Medicine (EJOM) Volume 10, No 1, 2022. www.ejom.co.uk.

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