One day, I hurt my lower back and my dull pain continued. One of my friend introduced me to Oran. She had sciatica and fixed by acupuncture.
I often used acupuncture when I was in Japan, so I was glad to find a place where I could receive proper acupuncture even at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Symptoms of back pain was improved within a few times of acupuncture treatment. Dr. Oran’s personality was good, and I went regularly to maintain my body even after the back pain had healed.

We brought Amber to Oran for acupuncture treatment when she was 7 months old. Amber started suffering from eczema right after her third surgery to deal with intestinal obstruction caused by Hirschsprung’s disease. She had rough & itchy skin on her face, limbs, chest & abdomen. Amber was always cranky & fussy due to her skin inflammation.

During the first treatment, Amber was crying when Oran tried to touch her (he wanted to check her pulse). She resisted strangers and treatment. Although the treatment was not painful, it ended up with her crying and screaming. This happened for the next few months during her treatment.

After her second treatment, Amber started to cough and throw out discharge through her mouth. After this,  her skin inflammation started to heal. The redness and itchiness over her body became less and every time there was an outbreak of skin inflammation it took a shorter time to heal.  We also learned Shonishin, a sequence of simple massage strokes with a metal tool  to do at home in order to strengthen her immune system. 

We continued the treatment for 8 months. We noticed Amber’s skin condition and her mood were getting better. As parents, we feel glad because she didn’t take any medication or steroids to deal with her skin problem. She is recovered now. The acupuncture was actually helping Amber to heal herself. She is now a happy toddler. We love to see her being ‘naughty’

Thanks to Oran for dealing patiently with a crying baby for a period of almost 6 months.

We scheduled three sessions of acupuncture with Oran to induce labour as I was 2 weeks past my EDD. Oran responsibly advised us to consult with our healthcare provider before proceeding with treatment. Labour started after we finished the second session.

Thank you, Oran, for your excellent service!

I had trigeminal neuralgia for at least two and a half years. After a Gamma Ray operation, (partially successful) and Chinese acupuncture, my pain level at times was up to 6-8 out of 10 and sometimes lower but always with a base pain level of 2-3. I was desperate to find a solution other than another more intrusive operation.

The first session was interesting as the pain in my lower mouth/tongue plus lower lips, moved! Oran called that ‘Chasing the Pain’. The team put me very much at ease. That’s very important and the treatment was almost painless. In our beliefs, no pain means no gain, or so I thought! Each session there was almost no pain and I felt increasingly relaxed. The result is I’m cured, God Bless. The pain has totally disappeared and so far it’s been at least two months.

The team gave excellent professional care, and were able to introduce me to an expert sensei when I was visiting Tokyo.  I have already recommended to my friends and family. Oran and team, you guys are the best!

I was suffering from recurring UTI’s and a low functioning immune system. I was feeling terrible, so low and full of anxiety. The first treatment was fantastic. The team explained what they would be doing very clearly and why they were doing it. There was no pain and I was so relaxed I could have dropped off to sleep. The manager Bill was so kind and after the session with Oran he explained how I could make my own pro-biotics to boost my immune system.

Since then, amazingly, my immune system is functioning again and the UTI’s are greatly improved. I was getting them almost fortnightly for months but in the 3 months I’ve been seeing Oran I have only had one.

I had tried conventional methods and medications for years and nothing had really helped. Coming to see Oran has truly changed the quality of my life; it’s really given me back my life.

I was bracing myself for some pins and needles during my first acupuncture session but was pleasantly surprised when Oran said, ‘OK, we are done!’ but I hadn’t felt a thing! I was amazed.

I started seeing results immediately. My problem with rapid heartbeat calmed down and did not recur since. I had tightness in my wrist which caused severe pain and doctors said that I would need an operation or 15 injections at my wrist to release the tension.

I couldn’t hold a metal spoon or fork to eat, hold a pen to write, or a needle to cross-stitch (my favourite hobby). Today, because of my treatments with Oran I am happily stitching painlessly and have completed pieces that I had to give up many years ago.

I went to try acupuncture with Oran based on the recommendation of a friend, and I’m so glad I did. I had done a fair amount of Chinese acupuncture before, but I had never even heard of Japanese acupuncture. I was in for a pleasant surprise. Unlike Chinese acupuncture, which can be a little painful, Oran used only heat (moxibustion) and pinpricks so light I almost never felt them on my skin. There was no pain involved whatsoever, and the whole process was relaxing and peaceful. The results were even better. I had a slew of health concerns around the time I made my first appointment, compounded by all the stress from work and home obligations, and I was desperate for some relief. The first few weeks were pleasant, but I didn’t notice big changes. After three sessions, though, I immediately noticed my sinuses clear up and I could breathe better. This was a relief, as I’d had chronic sinus problems since moving to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I also began to sleep better than I had in decades. I woke up feeling deeply rested and energetic. This alone was worth the cost of the treatment. Over the several months I saw Oran for acupuncture, he helped see me through some small health crises and a stressful move from Kuala Lumpur. I am mostly grateful for his pushing me to try vegetable fermentation at home, a new addition to my culinary skill set and one that has me feeling happier and healthier than I have in years. If you are new to acupuncture or sceptical of its abilities to help you, I’d encourage you to just go ahead and make the first appointment. Oran is highly professional, knowledgeable, and helpful — you’ll be in good hands.

It was my second pregnancy and I was going through an extremely difficult time. I had been put on bed rest for several weeks as the walls of my uterus were thinning and bleeding. I could not drive, read or watch much TV as the movement, words and changing pictures would make me nauseous. I had also been hospitalised for a week due to dehydration as I had severe nausea and could not keep any food or liquids down. I had become very weak and had lost 4kg as I practically hadn’t eaten in two months. I was unable to move my bowels for 7 weeks even after several enemas.

My doctor was already suggesting that I meet with a gastro-enterologist and perhaps even a surgical procedure to help with the severe constipation. It was such a difficult period that many times I honestly thought that neither I nor my baby would be able to complete the pregnancy.

My first session with Oran was very quick and so light that it felt as if he wasn’t really doing anything. All I could feel were his gentle hands and not a single needle prick. I could hardly believe it myself, and neither could my mom who was with me at the time; but 30 minutes after the first session, I was eating and drinking. I actually finished off an entire plate of Pad Thai noodles, a whole serving of salad and TWO glasses of watermelon juice all by myself! And I didn’t even feel the slightest bit nauseous and managed to keep it all down! Within a few days, I also managed to move my bowels for the first time after 7 weeks.

In late 2010 I was diagnosed by a chiropractor in Perth, Australia with degenerative disc disease. I was extremely surprised because the word ‘degenerative’ sounded like it should fall on the ears of an old person: I was 26 at the time! Along with this diagnosis, the chiropractor gave me a glimpse of my future, explaining that I could very well be in a wheel chair by the time I was 35 years old and due to the nerve damage I might get some sort of paralysis UNLESS I sought intensive treatment 3 times a week for God knows how long.  To say I was freaking out would be an understatement.

I went to my trusted physiotherapist a week later to get a second outlook. He had different opinions and ultimately said that the chiropractor’s diagnosis was ridiculous. He treated me for my back pain with massage and dry needling. There was some relief but I still could not run, go for long walks, carry my handbag (!) or anything heavy on my back and I certainly could not pick up/carry my nieces and nephews.  I struggled to sleep and eventually ended up taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers most days to help relieve the pain.

We moved to Kuala Lumpur in 2011, and after having an MRI which confirmed the original diagnosis, I sought out a myriad of treatments from osteopaths,  chiropractors and sports injury specialists… the list is long! I  started  decompression therapy which I feel helped me enormously, but I still was not 100%, and the three sessions a week for 2 months was slowly eating away at our bank balance and I still  could not do sport.

I was so frustrated and unhappy, deciding that I would just live through the pain and play sport regardless. The day after a game of basketball or Gaelic football, I could not walk – the pain was so bad! It would take me about 4 or 5 days for the pain just to reduce to the ‘normal’ pain. After two years of every therapy in the book, I had given up. I came to Oran seeking treatment for something entirely different. I told him about my back issues in my initial consultation and he sort of nodded in a quiet “all knowing” way, not giving away too much!

Over the course of 7 weeks, I have felt my back get progressively better and better.  Through moxa bamboo treatment and acupuncture I have been able to feel tremendous healing, to a point where I can now play sport 3 days a week. For the last year I have been doing reformer Pilates to help strengthen my core and I honestly believe the combination of core strength work and weekly acupuncture has been the reason why I am now completely pain free and off all pain medication. This has been such a big relief for me: I have been extremely anxious about how much longer I could go on living with continual pain, and honestly started to stress about the health of my back.

The fact that I am now pain-free is huge after years and years of worry, stress and continual seeking/researching for a solution that did not involve surgery – exhausting work! Thanks to Oran I am now so much more relaxed and starting to really enjoy life. I am inspired to be more healthy, more active and happier. My outlook has totally changed – I didn’t realise how miserable I was!

So not only has my back pain gone, I am now sleeping better than ever before AND as if that was not enough, Oran is now working his positive juju on my sprained ankle! The man is a genius I tell you!

Dear Oran,

This is just a letter to thank you for all your help with my condition. When I came to see you in March I was suffering with a vision problem which was causing me a great deal of distress. Basically, I woke up one day and my vision had gone down to about 50%. I visited Moorfields Eye Clinic, The Great Western Eye Clinic, two opticians and a Harley Street specialist and none of them could provide an explanation, diagnosis or possible cure for my condition.

A work colleague who had seen you for migraines a few years ago (which you cured incidentally) recommended I come and see you.

During the first session, I really felt you took the time to ask relevant questions which built up a full, holistic picture of my health to determine how you should be treating me and how I should be working towards reaching optimum health again myself. Your approach was very professional and sincere and I really felt we were working together to find a cure.

The session was completely painless and I was in a wonderfully deep state of relaxation afterwards (so much so, that I needed to go to bed by 8.00pm that night, slept right through and felt totally refreshed the next morning). I found you to be extremely well informed and skilled in your field and felt that I was in good hands at all times.

After the first session, I saw a marked improvement in my eyesight within 3-4 days, I felt much more in tune with my body and a lot less stressed. I continued to make a slow but progressive improvement throughout the 6-7 sessions I had with you and during the last two sessions (in May this year) there was yet another marked improvement where I jumped up to about 98% perfect vision.

I owe you a great deal of thanks and gratitude for all you have done as you have succeeded where all the other specialists I saw had failed.

I wish you all the very best and I shall be recommending you to all my friends and will come back for the occasional “tune-up” every so often.

Oran, I am totally loving your amazing journey. You are and will always be, the guy who helped me and my son deeply connect, you are the child whisperer, who took in an overwhelmed mama and a special kiddo who needed help and whilst you became a space for his grounding, his safe space, your environment and care for me, his care giver, helped me too find a pocket of space to breathe. From your living room to your first proper clinic, to what you are doing now! I look back and see how much you were a big part of helping me be the mum I needed to be and helping my kiddo find respite, humour and acceptance in this crazy world. I can’t ever thank you enough and I wish for any parent out there to have the chance of experiencing some Oran magic to help their rainbow kids cope with the crazy, messy, noisy world that they have to suffer. You keep going, Oran, because you make the best kind of difference.

When I decided to climb Mount Kinabalu with my wife, I was not expecting to twist my ankle and get a sprain a few weeks before the hike… But when I did, I desperately looked for a miracle solution. Thankfully, a friend of mine mentioned her very good experience with Oran and his Japanese acupuncture.

I tried and it worked! He almost completely released the pain in my ankle which allowed me to climb up to the summit without any problem. In addition, he worked on my chronic back pain, again with a very significant success.

Thanks Oran, for your magic bamboos and needles.

I had been suffering from shoulder pain for nearly twenty years. It made me feel constantly like I was living between life and death. Over the years I never stopped looking for different therapies, whenever I heard of any renowned Chinese Tui Na practitioner, acupuncturist, or Western physical therapist, hoping one of them could really cure my illness.

Ten years ago a Western physician diagnosed that in my spine the bones C4-C7 were bending in such a way that they pressed on my nerve, thus causing pain in my shoulder. In the hope of ending years of suffering, I decided to risk my life and accepted an eight-hour bone correction surgery.

After the operation and about six months of recovery, I still didn’t feel any better. In those six months I asked the doctor over and again for an explanation. Eventually the doctor only said that things needed time to improve. After all, my nerve had been under pressure for fifteen years. My spirits completely dropped at this response. Because of the ongoing pain I was also diagnosed with depression.

Frankly speaking, acupuncture is nothing new to me. However, Oran’s Japanese acupuncture approach always brings me a sense of new hope which I cannot describe. I am much honored to have the opportunity to make the following comments:

  • Ever since I first suffered from so-called cervical spondylosis, it had been eighteen years when I felt as if I was wandering between life and death. Many so-called ‘famous’ specialists in large hospitals, others coming from as far as away as China, would give me assurances of a complete cure before they even listened carefully to my symptoms.
  • I have been treated by Oran for nearly two years by now. It is my honour to have known him. He never gave me groundless high hope, and then dropped me back to the bottom of reality, as did others.
  • I learned from Oran what professionalism really is, and about making efforts to better the treatment and looking for new approaches in Japanese acupuncture, in order to help patients recovering from their illnesses.
  • I am truly grateful to Oran for relieving my physical pain as well as the mental torture all along. Although I still feel some pain at present, I no longer feel like I’m living between life and death.




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