Oran Kivity

Practitioner in clinic uniform with smiling and kind face

British acupuncturist Oran Kivity trained in Europe, China, and Japan. In continuous practice since 1987, he specialised in Japanese methods and in 2000, was a founder member of Toyohari UK, the British branch of the Toyohari Association of Japan. 

In recent years, he developed the Ontake Method, winning awards in 2014, from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and in 2019, from Global Health Pharma for the most innovative new healing method.

His first book, Moxa in Motion received praise and recognition from acupuncture journals worldwide, including the Journal of Chinese Medicine and the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine.  His second book, Hirata Zone Therapy will be published in January 2021.

Oran lived and worked in Malaysia from 2005 till the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 when he moved to Taiwan. He now practises, writes, coaches and teaches from the southern port town of Kaohsiung, where he lives happily by a river, near a lake and close to the sea.