If you’ve been redirected here from Sayoshi.com, it’s because the directory is no longer operational.

The Sayoshi brand will continue instead with Sayoshi Books and continuing interviews on Sayoshi TV, our channel on YouTube.

Welcome to Sayoshi Books, a self-publishing imprint devoted to producing books about Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. If you’re interested in self-publishing your next book and need guidance, do get in touch.

Sayoshi Books is not a conventional publishing house: it’s more a book coaching process to help JAM-focused authors self-publish. I hope to share the hard-learned lessons of self-publishing with other like-minded authors. this guidance could include:

  • Content editing – to structure your ideas and language
  • Copy editing – to make sure everything is grammatical and reads smoothly
  • Proofreading – to weed out those final typos
  • Book cover design
  • Interior design
  • Launch and ongoing promotion
  • Online coaching sessions for the whole journey

So, if you have a book idea about Japanese acupuncture, feel free to email, or book a free thirty minute zoom


The Story So Far​

In 2020, we published our first book, Moxa in Motion with the Ontake Method and in January 2021, we will launch our second, Hirata Zone Therapy with the Ontake Method, the first detailed exploration of Hirata Zone Therapy in English.

In the spring, we have scheduled The String Method, by Felip Caudet, with a foreword by Lorraine Wilcox. Felip’s book explores how to locate effective points for moxibustion by using proportional measuring with string. Much of this is based on the teachings of the renowned twentieth-century moxibustion practitioner, Isaburo Fukaya.