• I want to practice rolling moxa cones but I never find the time
  • I mean to do qigong every day, but I always get distracted
  • I want to study systematically but I always stop after a few days


    Sounds familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way. There’s an effective way to hack your habits so you actually get that stuff done. It’s called behavioural design: a methodical approach to creating helpful, “keystone” habits to achieve your aspirations in life. In this ninety-minute webinar, you’ll learn simple ways to achieve what you aspire to and create habits that stick (spoiler alert: make them tiny!)Habit coaching helps people do what they already want to do. This Qiological Live seminar is designed for practitioners and will focus on the basics of behavioural design and the value of tiny habits. If you aspire to a new habit or want to reinforce an existing one, this is your chance to learn the skills to really nail it!

    In this real time event we:
    • Choose effective prompts on which to build new habits
    • Use a focus map to select behaviours that work for specifically for you
    • Experience the role of rewards in creating habits
    • Discuss the value of starting tiny
    • Start a new habit with a three-point habit recipe

    You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of this Qiological Live seminar

    Live event fee $35, length 90 minutes


  • Sunday, May 15, 2022
    9am Pacific • 10am Mountain • 11am Central • 12pm Eastern


May 15 - 16 2022


11:55 PM - 1:30 AM



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