When I was a London acupuncturist, I got a job working with a drug agency in Haringey, which led to more work in the field of addiction. At that time, John Tindall had pioneered the NADA protocol for ear acupuncture and for some years, this is what I did: needling five points on each ear on clients in a group setting. This was very much a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and as my experience grew, and in particular, as I learned Manaka-Style Acupuncture, I started to find ways to personalise these treatments. Here’s an article I wrote about that:


App-Based Chat Coaching

One-on-one coaching via chat is a weekly subscription to personal coaching on, the US-based pioneers of habit tracking and online coaching.  When you sign up for one-on-one coaching, you’ll get a message from your coach (that’s me!) within 24 hours.  I’ll begin working with you on your goal right away via a text chat window in the application.

How does One-on-one Chat Coaching work?

It’s like having a coach in your pocket! You get to type messages, questions and updates whenever you want via an app in your phone. In response, you get personalised chat and content from your coach.  This is not endless phone phone chat, but focused, helpful and affirmative, at regular times, almost every day of the week.

What Do You Get with One-on-one Chat Coaching?

  • Mentorship and accountability.
  • Advice.
  • Frequent contact

How come it’s free?

it usually isn’t! A basic coaching subscription usually costs $20-25 a week, between $80 -100 a month.  But I’m offering free chat coaching to the first five people who apply, through May. After that,  with your agreement, I will terminate the coaching and there is nothing else to pay. All I’m asking for in exchange is a positive testimonial.

FREE COACHING IN MAY: What Do You Need to Do?

To know more, book a free thirty-minute Get-to-Know-You call.We will chat directly via Zoom to clarify your goals for the free coaching throughout the month of May.  I will then email you a voucher so that you can book the coaching on for free.


Coaching chat is available on all platforms: iOS, Android, and desktop computer.