The Hirata Zone Colouring and Workbook


Hirata Zone Therapy decodes the approaches of Hirata and his more famous exponent, Dr Manaka, repurposing them for contemporary practice with Ontake Warm Bamboo.


Wondering how to study Hirata zones effectively? Take a systematic approach with this learner-centred workbook and memorise the key points of the Hirata moxa system really fast

Kurakichi Hirata pioneered a holographic system of dermatome stimulation using a heated probe—designed to trigger the body’s self-healing mechanisms and empower laypeople to treat themselves.

Oran Kivity’s second book on Japanese moxibustion, Hirata Zone Therapy with the Ontake Method, decodes the approaches of Hirata and his more famous exponent, Dr Manaka. Simply written and clearly illustrated, it is the first systematic exploration of these ideas in English, repurposing them for contemporary practice with Ontake Warm Bamboo.

The Hirata Colouring and Workbook is designed as an accompanying study aid. It breaks down the information in Hirata Zone Therapy into quizzes, worksheets and exercises. Using this workbook, you can study, practise and assimilate:

  • The twelve Hirata zones and their mappings in the six regions
  • The integration of Dr Manaka’s meridian frequencies
  • The principles for applying Basic Hirata Zone Therapy, including the Bamboo Mini treatment, balancing excess and deficiency on the back

A thirty-three-page learner-centred study aid is available as a free download for all purchasers of the main book. However, for those readers not keen on home-printing, who prefer a well-produced paperback, this revised and extended print version is loaded with additional pages of worksheets and information to help you acquire your Hirata skills.

Oran Kivity is a veteran acupuncturist and international trainer from the UK. He has dedicated countless hours of clinical observation and study to integrate the knowledge of contemporary Japanese masters. Well-known for the clarity of his teaching and his humorous approach to learning, this workbook is the perfect complement for readers assimilating the dynamic rhythmic moxibustion methods of Hirata Zone Therapy with the Ontake Method.


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