Moxa in Motion with the Ontake Method


Treating lines, regions and zones, rather than points, the Ontake Method is changing the way people think about moxa.

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Moxibustion is ancient. Even more ancient than needling. In modern acupuncture, it is often considered too difficult and time consuming to master. Yet the classics say: for chronic conditions, moxa has no equal.

Coming to the rescue of time-poor, present-day acupuncturists is the Ontake Method from Japan. This innovative technique uses a piece of bamboo filled with burning moxa wool to roll, tap and press on the acupuncture meridians using a metronome programmed to each meridian’s frequency. The rhythmic application of heat, frequency and pressure triggers rapid shifts in your patients’ body condition and mood.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Dr Manaka’s meridian frequencies and how to apply them
  • Branch treatments for symptom relief
  • Root treatments for whole-body regulation
  • The integration of Dr Tan’s holographic models with Ontake for the rapid relief of pain in the neck, back and joints

Moxa in Motion presents a step-by-step guide to clinical practice utilising the Ontake Method. Easily integrated into any style of acupuncture, Shiatsu and Tui Na, the Ontake Method will boost your results and build your practice.



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