MANAKA MADE SIMPLE LEVEL 3 – Blood stasis, prognostication



In this third instalment of Manaka Made Simple,  we’re delving deeper into both theoretical and clinical approaches to broaden your expertise. The workshop will cover Japanese concepts of blood stasis, with a special focus on Manaka’s unique insights into prognostication. We’ll be honing in on the diagnosis and treatment of blood stasis in chronic conditions, employing techniques such as cupping, bloodletting and moxibustion.

To further enrich your understanding of Step 1 and Step 4, we’ll be exploring more advanced ion pumping combinations and strategies, along with new moxibustion variations  such as kyukonshin (okyu and chishin in combination) and large cone moxibustion.


Level 3 consolidates the learning of the previous two weekends. With less emphasis on theory and an increased focus on practical application, this weekend is designed to help you master the final components of Manaka’s approach. After three days of theory and practice, you’ll feel more confident to provide more accurate prognoses for each patient, make realistic judgments about what you can or cannot achieve with your treatments and apply an effective treatment from what is now a broad range of options.

Highlights of Level 3 include the introduction of more ion pumping treatments at Step 1, and, for the first time, strategies for ion pumping at Step 4. These include Manaka’s burns treatment, and ion pumping for knee pain, fatigue and anxiety. And there are two new and important modalities to get to grips with: cupping and bloodletting, both excellent for chronic conditions that don’t respond well to your usual treatments.

Key topics covered in the workshop include:

  • Kyukonshin—the integration of okyu with
  • Chinetsukyu—large cone moxibustion.
  • Extra IPC patterns and strategies, addressing whiplash, burns, and scars.
  • Kyukaku—cupping techniques.
  • Shiraku—comprehensive coverage of Japanese bloodletting practices.

Building on the foundations laid in Levels 1 and 2, Level 3 aims to reinforce your theoretical knowledge with much more hands-on practice. This three-day course is designed with a slightly longer day to give you plenty of time to master the new material and bring your clinical skills to new heights. We strongly advise participants to book soon as places are limited to thirty people.


Jun 07 - 09 2024


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