SAYOSHI Electrostatic Adsorbers


The original electrostatic adsorbers (EA) were developed by the renowned Japanese practitioner Dr Manaka (see Manaka, Itaya, Birch 1995). The device is used as a needle-free, non-invasive substitute for Manaka’s “ion-pumping cord” (IPC) treatments. Manaka demonstrated that, like the IPC, the EA affect the movement of ions in the body tissues. Additionally, they can remove the build-up of static charges from the body tissues.  EA can therefore be used in much the same way as IPC but they have some additional features and uses.

This next-generation set of Electrostatic Adsorbers by was designed by an experienced Satellite Systems engineer, in consultation with Dr Stephen Birch, co-author with Dr Manaka of Chasing the Dragon’s Tail. Constructed of high-quality brass and aluminium, each probe has a ball-shaped tip for contacting the acupoints, allowing for safe use without puncturing the skin. The shaft of each probe is insulated to minimise interference.

The probes are shaped to maximize the extraction of ions and are equipped with an oppositely directed and highly sensitive Schottky diode. This gives the EA a very slight dual-polarity, creating positive and negative polarities at the points of contact.

The Sayoshi design also incorporates a brass tip on the positive polarity probe and an aluminium tip on the negative probe, thus adding an extra polarity to the treatment process. Each pair of probes comes with a high-quality low-resistance 1.65m flexible silicone cable terminated with 4mm connectors and is individually hand-assembled and fully tested.


Clinical Uses

As a substitute for IPC, the Sayoshi Electrostatic Adsorber can be used for Manaka’s Eight Extraordinary Vessel treatments, his Polar Channel treatments (see Manaka, Itaya, Birch 1995), and various other treatment patterns that employ IPC including a number of symptomatic treatments (see Matsumoto, Birch 1988) and the divergent channels (see Shima, Chace 2000).

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